Orgo Analytics provides comprehensive data visualizations to track engagement and demographics within your organization. These analytics are auto-generated and access can be customized based on user permission levels.

Analytics Categories

  1. Member Type

  2. Registrations

  3. Subscriptions

  4. Geography

  5. Activity Domain

  6. Event attends

  7. Status

Permission Levels

You can change analytics permissions by going to Organisation Settings -> Modules -> Analytics.

Analytics Features

  • Auto-Generated Reports: Real-time updates on organizational metrics.

  • Interactive Charts: Clickable data points for detailed analysis.

  • Historical Data Tracking: Insights into trends over time.

  • Demographic Breakdown: Analysis of member age, gender, and type.


You can configure who sees what by setting up groups or roles within the Orgo platform, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible by authorized users.


Use these analytics to:

  • Measure engagement levels across different domains.

  • Understand member distribution and growth.

  • Make informed decisions on resource allocation.

  • Tailor communication and events to member demographics.

For a more tailored approach, specific analytics can be included or excluded from roles as required. Ensure to align access rights with organizational privacy policies and member consent.

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