Path: Organisation Settings -> Users -> Import

Orgo provides a data import function that facilitates the migration of existing data into the system. This feature supports importing users, assigning users to groups, and managing contacts for newsletters.


  • Import Users: Allows for the bulk addition of users from an external source into the community.

  • Import Users to Groups: Admins can assign a list of users to specific groups within the community.

  • Import Contacts / Sync Newsletter Subscribers: Enables the import of contact information for individuals who may not have user accounts but are newsletter subscribers or community adherents.

Using the Import Function:

  1. Go to 'Import' under the 'Users' section in the sidebar.

  2. Choose the appropriate import action:

    • For user data, click on 'Import users'.

    • To assign users to groups, select 'Import users to groups'.

    • For contacts and newsletter subscribers, opt for 'Import contacts / Sync newsletter subscribers'.

  3. Download the 'CSV Example' to understand the required format for data.

  4. Prepare your CSV file according to the example's structure.

  5. Click 'Choose file' to upload your CSV file.

  6. Follow the prompts to complete the import process.

Note: Review the CSV example closely to ensure data integrity during the import process. Incorrect formatting may lead to errors or incomplete data migration.

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