Organisation Info

The Organization Info section is where you personalize your Orgo workspace with your organization's details.

Key Elements:

  1. Logos:

    • Upload your organization's logo and a squared version for consistent branding across the platform.

  2. Workspace Details:

    • Workspace Name: Set the name as it should appear within Orgo.

    • Organization Name: The official name of your organization.

    • Short Name: A concise version of your organization's name, for informal use or where space is limited.

  3. Location and Contact:

    • Country and Timezone: Select where your organization is based to ensure time-specific functions work correctly.

    • Official and Technical Contacts: Provide email addresses and phone numbers for official and technical inquiries.

  4. Banking and Legal:

    • Enter bank details for transactions in USD and EUR.

    • Provide your legal registration number and office address.

  5. Language and Currency:

    • Set the default language and currency for your Orgo platform, including the currency symbol.

  6. Compliance Links:

    • Insert URLs for your GDPR page and Terms of Service to keep members informed.

Remember, keeping your Organization Info current is crucial for effective communication and operations on Orgo.

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