Main group

The Main Group serves as the central hub for all community members. It is auto-generated and automatically includes every member who joins the community on the platform.

Main Group Features:

  • Discussions: A space for members to post, share insights, and engage in conversations about various topics.

  • Events: This section is split into 'Upcoming events' and 'Past events', allowing members to browse, attend, or review community events.

  • Files: A dedicated file management and storage area where documents can be uploaded, organized, and accessed by the community.

  • Members List: Displays all community members and can be filtered by various criteria such as permission level, town, user type, fee status, name, and date joined.

Using the Main Group Sections:

  • Creating Posts: Click 'Create post' in the Discussions to share information or start a new conversation.

  • Organizing Events: Use the 'Create Event' button to schedule new community gatherings or meetings.

  • Managing Files: Upload new files or create folders for better organization. Access and manage existing documents using the actions available.

  • Filtering Members: Utilize the filters to find members by specific attributes or criteria, which is especially useful for targeted communication or organizing local groups.

Best Practices:

  • Engage actively in discussions, providing valuable contributions and feedback.

  • Attend and participate in events to foster community engagement and networking.

  • Keep the Files section organized by using clear naming conventions and folder structures.

  • Use the Members List filters to efficiently navigate and connect with other community members.

Note: The Main Group is designed to be the foundational community space on Orgo, where all members can interact, share, and collaborate effectively. It’s the first touchpoint for members to get involved in the community’s activities.

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