Organisational Chart

The Organization Chart is a visual representation of the hierarchy within your organization. This feature provides a clear picture of the internal structure and roles of the members, both at the central and local group levels.

Access and Permissions

  • Available if enabled in the Orgo SaaS Platform via Organization Settings -> Modules -> Users -> Has Organization Chart.

  • Administrators can set visibility permissions for different member levels.

Chart Structure

  • Displays two main segments: Central and Local groups.

  • The central segment lists roles such as President, Vice-president, Council member, Executive director, and Secretary.

  • The local groups segment reflects the roles within local branches.


  • Click on a role to see a list of members occupying that position along with their start date.

  • Each role box indicates the number of members currently in that role.


  • Admins can create custom roles reflecting the organization's unique structure.

  • The chart updates automatically as new roles are added or when members join/leave roles.

Use Case

  • Ideal for new members to understand the organization's hierarchy.

  • Assists in managing and locating the appropriate points of contact within various departments.

Updating the Chart

  • When a member's role changes, the organization chart reflects this update immediately, maintaining an accurate and current overview of the organization's structure.

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