Discussion namespaces

Path: Organisation Settings -> Features -> Discussion namespaces

This function allows for the creation of distinct categories for discussions, which serve as thematic channels for your posts. Here's a brief guide on how to use this feature:

Creating Discussion Categories:

  1. Navigate to Organisation Settings and look for the 'Features' section.

  2. Click on 'Discussion namespaces'.

  3. To add a new category, click the '+Create Category' button.

  4. Enter the name of the new category you wish to create, such as 'Research', 'Nature', or 'Technology'.

Benefits of Discussion Categories:

  • Organization: Helps in keeping discussions organized and easily navigable.

  • Filtering: Users can filter discussions by categories, making it simpler to follow relevant topics.

  • Focus: Encourages more focused and relevant discussions within specific thematic areas.

Posting and Filtering by Categories:

  1. When creating a post, you can select one of the categories you've created so it appears in the relevant category.

  2. Users can filter existing discussions by category, allowing them to quickly find discussions that match their interests.

By utilizing 'Discussion namespaces', you can ensure that discussions are easy to manage and contribute to a well-structured community dialogue.

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