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Sidebar -> Professional Network

The Professional Network section on Orgo is designed to help users connect with other members based on shared professional interests, fields, and job titles. This feature facilitates networking and collaboration within the community.

Adding Professional Information:

  1. Within your profile, add your activity domain or qualifications.

  2. You have the option to make this information visible to other members for networking purposes.

Networking with Others:

  1. To find like-minded professionals, navigate to the 'Professional Network' sidebar option.

  2. Utilize the filters to search by 'Industry' or 'Title'.

  3. This will display a list of individuals whose professional attributes match the criteria you set.

Visibility and Privacy:

  • You control the visibility of your professional details. Be sure to adjust the privacy settings according to your preference for sharing this information on the network.

Engaging with Professional Contacts:

  • The platform may provide direct links (e.g., LinkedIn icons) to extend your networking beyond Orgo.

  • Use these tools to foster professional relationships and explore potential collaborations.

Best Practices:

  • Keep your professional information up to date to attract the right connections.

  • Engage respectfully with other professionals and respect their privacy.

  • Regularly search the network to discover new members and expand your professional circle.

Note: The Professional Network is a value-added feature to enhance professional interaction among members. Use it to build a robust professional community within your organization.

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