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Path: Organisation Settings -> General -> Texts

The Texts feature in Orgo allows for customization of the language used throughout the platform. You can modify any term or phrase to better fit your organization's terminology or to provide translations in multiple languages.

How to Use the Texts Feature:

  1. Locate the Term:

    • Find the term in the 'Current expression EN' column that you wish to change.

  2. Modify the Term:

    • In the 'New expression EN' field, input the desired term as it should appear in English.

    • Use the 'New expression PR' and 'New expression RO' fields (or any other configured language) to input the equivalent term in the respective languages.

  3. Add New Terms:

    • To add new terms, click the '+' sign and enter the expressions across different languages as needed.

  4. Remove Terms:

    • If a term is no longer needed, click the '−' sign next to it to remove.

  5. Save Changes:

    • Click 'Save' to apply the changes made to the text across the platform.

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