Privacy settings

Path: Profile -> Update Profile -> Settings & Privacy -> Privacy

In the Privacy settings of the platform, users can manage the visibility of their personal information. Here's an update for the documentation reflecting the change in the privacy option for the user's name:

Privacy Settings Overview:

  1. Personal Identification: Users have the option to control the visibility of their personal identification, which could include their full name or any identifier that the platform uses to recognize individual users. They can choose to share this with the entire community or restrict it to only admins.

  2. Configurability: For each category of personal data, such as email, phone, age, etc., users are provided with a choice between two levels of privacy through selectable radio buttons.

  3. All Community: This setting allows all community members with profile access to view the user’s information.

  4. Only by Admins: This privacy level ensures that only administrators can view the user's information, offering a higher degree of privacy.

  5. Applying Settings: Users must click 'Save' after setting their privacy preferences to apply the changes.

These privacy configurations underscore the user's autonomy over their personal data within the Orgo community, ensuring a balance between community interaction and individual privacy.

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