Event Ticketing on the Orgo platform equips event organizers with tools to manage attendance through a ticketing system. This system can accommodate both members of the platform and the public, offering a range of ticketing options and pricing.

Enabling Ticketing and Public Accessibility:

  • Ticketing Activation:

    • During event creation, toggle on 'Ticket payment' to activate the ticketing feature.

    • If the event is to be accessible to the public, enable 'Publicly accessible on the internet'.

Configuring Ticket Settings:

  • After enabling ticketing, 'Ticket Settings' will appear in the event's settings bar.

  • Ticket Types:

    • Create various ticket types, such as 'General Access', 'Premium Access', or 'Partner', each with specific pricing and descriptions.

  • Member-Exclusive Tickets:

    • Set availability for different tickets, allowing some to be exclusive to platform members, while others are available to the public.

  • Ticket Management:

    • Edit or remove ticket types as needed based on the evolving requirements of the event.

Inviting Participants:

  • Participant Section:

    • Access the 'Participants' section to invite individuals to the event.

  • Member and External Invitations:

    • Choose to invite 'Member' for platform community members or 'External' for non-members.

  • Invited Status:

    • Those invited will receive an 'invited' status, allowing them to participate in the event for free, bypassing the need for ticket purchase.

Public URL and Payment Page:

  • The 'Public URL' button directs to the payment page, which can be shared publicly for ticket purchase.

  • Payment Page Preview:

    • Use this feature to review the payment page layout and ensure all details are correct before sharing.

Best Practices:

  • Clearly define ticket categories and prices to avoid confusion and ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

  • Regularly update ticket availability based on sales and capacity limits.

  • Utilize the invitation feature to extend complimentary access to selected participants and manage attendance effectively.

Note: The Ticketing feature is a valuable addition for organizers to manage event finances, control attendance, and offer a variety of entry options for different types of participants. Proper setup and management of this feature are crucial for the successful execution of events within the Orgo community.

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