Custom fields

Path: Organisation Settings -> Users -> Custom fields

Orgo allows the creation of custom fields to capture additional information from users. These fields can be displayed in user profiles.

Creating Custom Fields:

  1. Navigate to 'Custom fields' under the 'Users' section.

  2. Click 'Create Custom Field'.

  3. Provide a 'Title' for the field.

  4. Select a 'Field type' from options like text, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.

  5. If the field is for admin use only, ensure the 'Admin only' option is selected.

  6. Use the 'Order' setting to arrange where the field appears in profiles.

  7. Click 'Save' to add the field.

Admin Only Fields: Fields marked as 'Admin Only' are exclusively visible and editable by admins, providing a secure way to store sensitive or internal information.

Note: Be judicious with the use of 'Admin Only' fields to maintain transparency and trust with your users.

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