The Groups section is a diverse and structured environment designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the community members. It is composed of different types of groups, each serving a unique purpose within the organization.

Types of Groups:

  1. Main Group:

    • The default group every member joins upon registration.

    • Central point for community-wide discussions, events, and file sharing.

  2. Local Groups:

    • Geographically oriented groups created based on location.

    • Facilitate local community engagement and relevant events.

  3. Role Groups:

    • Formed around specific roles within the organization.

    • Provide a space for role-related discussions, resource sharing, and collaboration.

  4. Private Groups:

    • Created by members who can then invite others to join.

    • Allow for focused interactions on particular topics or projects in a more controlled setting.

Using the Groups Section:

  • Accessing Groups: Members can browse through the available groups via the 'Browse groups...' option or can create a new group if they have the necessary permissions.

  • Engaging in Groups: Each group provides tools for communication and collaboration including discussion boards, event planning, and file storage tailored to the group

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