Help desk

The Help Desk is designed for efficient support ticket management. It allows you to configure support team settings, define issue statuses and types, and manage support tickets through their lifecycle.

Support Team Configuration

  • Accessible via Organisation Settings -> Support.

  • You can add and manage support team members who will handle and be notified of support tickets.

  • Toggle notifications for each team member to ensure the right people are alerted.

Issue Statuses

  • Customize the workflow of a support ticket by defining statuses like "To do", "In Progress", and "Waiting List".

  • Order the statuses to establish the ticket flow from creation to resolution.

Issue Types

  • Create categories such as "Research", "Maintenance", and "Development" for users to select when submitting a ticket.

  • Assign a default team member to each issue type to automate ticket assignments.

Ticket Management

  • For detailed ticket management, refer to the Task Management section.

  • Track the progress of tickets as they move through the predefined statuses.

  • Team members can view their assigned tickets, update statuses, and manage resolutions.

Use Case

  • Streamline the process of receiving, assigning, and resolving support issues.

  • Keep support team members organized and focused on their areas of expertise.

  • Ensure timely responses to user issues by automating notifications and assignments.

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