Path: Organisation Settings -> Features -> Roles

See Roles intergation in User Profile interface here.

The Roles section within Organization Settings is a powerful feature that allows for the customisation of user responsibilities and access within the platform. Below is an outline for documentation purposes:

Roles Section Overview:

  1. Custom Role Creation: Navigate to Organisation Settings, then to Features, and select Roles to begin creating custom roles tailored to the needs of your organization.

  2. Role Assignment Levels: Custom roles can be assigned at various levels:

    • User Type: Defines the general category of users such as volunteers, staff, or administrators.

    • Local Group: Applicable if this feature is enabled; it is useful for providing access specific to local groups within the organization.

    • Parent Local Center: If enabled, it acts as an umbrella for multiple local groups, and roles assigned here affect all underlying local groups.

    • Organisation Level: Roles assigned at this level apply across the entire organization, providing a broad scope of permissions.

  3. Custom Permissions: Each role comes with a set of permissions that can be customized. You can select from a variety of permissions such as Admin, Financial, HR, etc., to define the exact capabilities of the role at its respective level.

  4. Scope of Permissions: Depending on where the role is applied—whether at the local center level, organization level, or otherwise—the user's permissions will be adjusted accordingly. For instance, a role with financial permissions at the local group level will have access to financial details pertinent to that group only.

  5. Role Management: Administrators can easily update or remove roles as needed through the same 'Roles' section, allowing for dynamic management as the organization evolves.

This structure ensures a flexible and hierarchical approach to user management, providing clear delineation of responsibilities and maintaining the integrity of the organization's operations.

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