Registration form

Path: Organisation Settings -> Forms -> Register

The registration form configuration allows administrators to customize the information collected from new users. This includes setting mandatory fields to ensure essential data is captured during account creation.

Configuring Registration Fields:

  1. In the sidebar select 'Register', under 'Forms' category.

  2. You will see a list of potential fields such as Email, Name, Social Profiles, etc.

  3. Check or uncheck the 'required' box to set whether a field must be filled for registration.

  4. Admin-only fields are editable only by administrators and can be marked as required for internal purposes.

  5. Scroll to the end of the list to find any custom fields you've created. These can also be set as required.

  6. After setting the required fields, click 'Save' to update the registration form.

You can see an example of a registration form looks if you access the 'Iframe' URL.

Note: Custom fields added to the registration form should be considered carefully to balance the need for information with the new user's ease of sign-up.

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