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The Invite System provides a streamlined method for expanding your community by inviting new members. This feature is accessible through the side menu under "Invite Members." It allows for an efficient way to grow your organization by directly reaching out to potential members via email.

Accessing the Invite System

  1. Navigate to the side menu of the Platform interface.

  2. Locate and select "Invite Members," found towards the lower part of the menu.

Inviting Members

  1. Input Email Addresses: In the provided text area, enter the email addresses of the individuals you wish to invite. You can input up to 20 email addresses at a time. Ensure that each email address is separated by a comma.

  2. Send Invitation: Once you have entered the desired email addresses, click the "Send Invitation" button. This will dispatch an email invitation to each listed address, inviting the recipient to join the platform.

Key Features

  • Bulk Invitations: Invite up to 20 new members in a single action, making it easier to grow your community efficiently.

  • Simplified Process: With just a few clicks, you can send out multiple invitations, streamlining the onboarding process for new members.

  • Direct Engagement: Invitations are sent directly to potential members' email inboxes, ensuring they are informed and have a straightforward path to joining the platform.

Best Practices

  • Verify Email Addresses: Ensure that the email addresses entered are correct to prevent any invitation delivery issues.

  • Personalize Invitations: Consider following up with a personalized message to highlight the benefits of joining your community and to foster a welcoming environment.

  • Monitor Invitations: Keep track of who has been invited and follow up if necessary to encourage engagement and participation.


The Invite System is a powerful tool for expanding your community within the Orgo SaaS Platform. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently invite new members, fostering growth and increased engagement in your organization.

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