Deletion of account

Path: Profile -> Update Profile -> Settings & Privacy -> Close account

Note: Account deletion is irreversible. Ensure that you have backed up any necessary information or data before proceeding with this action. The option to delete the account is a final step following the resignation approval, if applicable.

Account deletion is a critical feature allowing users to remove their profiles from the Orgo platform. This process ensures the user’s privacy and data rights are respected in accordance with legal standards.

Deleting Your Account:

  1. Navigate to 'Profile' on the main dashboard.

  2. Click 'Update Profile'.

  3. Select the 'Settings & Privacy' tab.

  4. In the right menu, find and click 'Close account'.

  5. Choose 'Delete account' to initiate the deletion process.

Conditions for Account Deletion:

  • If the Resignation feature is activated within the platform:

    • Submit a resignation request and provide the mandatory resignation reason.

    • Your resignation must be approved by the administration team before you can delete your account.

Post-Deletion Data Retention:

  • On account deletion, the platform will remove your profile from the organization's member search results.

  • Orgo retains only the necessary legal data, such as your name and record of paid membership fees.

Administration Notification:

  • The administration team will receive a notification about the deletion request.

  • They will process the request according to the organization’s protocols and user's resignation status.

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