The Discussions feature serves as the central hub for communication within community-driven organizations using Orgo. It is designed to enhance interaction, enabling members to initiate, engage, and participate in conversations that foster knowledge sharing and collective learning.

Creating and Managing Discussions:

  1. To start a discussion, click on the '+ Create post' button.

  2. A modal window appears where you can:

    • Enter your discussion topic.

    • Elaborate on your topic in the 'Write more...' field.

    • Attach images, videos, and files to support your content.

    • Use '# Tags' for categorization and better discoverability.

    • Select your organization to post under the right group.

    • Optionally, disable comments if no feedback is required.

Engaging with Community:

  1. Browse through active discussions on the main page.

  2. Express your reactions to a post quickly with 'Like' or other emotive reactions.

  3. Dive into deeper engagement by commenting or replying to discussions and comments.

  4. Follow threads easily thanks to the clear, nested layout of comments and replies.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Intuitive Interface: Simple and clear layout for creating and navigating discussions.

  • Multimedia Integration: Posts can be visually and contextually enriched with relevant media.

  • Interactive Engagement: React, comment, and reply functionalities encourage active participation.

  • Organized Content: Tags and organizational filters help users find relevant discussions.

  • Accessibility: Cross-device compatibility ensures you can engage with your community anywhere, anytime.

Best Practices:

  • Maintain focus on the topic to promote constructive dialogue.

  • Update and respond to comments to keep the discussion lively.

  • Attach multimedia when it adds substantial value.

  • Correctly tag and categorize your posts for targeted reach.

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