The Contacts section is dedicated to managing individuals who are not platform members but wish to maintain a relationship with the organization. This is often for purposes like receiving newsletters or other updates via email.

Adding and Managing Contacts:

  • Creating a New Contact:

    • Use the '+Create Contact' button to manually enter contact information.

    • Fill in details such as name, country, town, email, and phone number.

  • Newsletter Subscription:

    • Specify if the contact has opted in to receive newsletters from the organization.

  • Editing Contact Information:

    • Contacts can be edited at any time by clicking the 'Edit' option associated with their entry.

Importing and Exporting Contacts:

  • Importing Contacts:

    • Import contact details in bulk by using the CSV import feature. This is particularly useful when migrating contacts from another system or after events such as conferences where new contacts are acquired.

  • Exporting Contacts:

    • For external use or backup purposes, contacts can be exported as a CSV file. This export function allows for easy data manipulation and integration with other marketing or CRM tools.

Best Practices:

  • Always obtain and record consent before adding new contacts or sending out newsletters.

  • Regularly update contact details to ensure communication channels are current and accurate.

  • Utilize import and export functions to streamline contact management and ensure consistency across platforms.

Note: The Contacts section is a strategic tool for organizations to broaden their outreach and maintain connections with non-members. Proper utilization of the import and export features can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of this outreach.

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