Orgo's notification system keeps you updated on all the latest activities within your community-driven organization. Notifications alert you to new files added, events created, and other significant updates.

Notification Alerts

  • Bell Icon with Badge: Indicates the number of unread notifications. A red badge with a number, like '7', shows how many new activities await your attention.

Notification Interface

  • List of Notifications: Displays a rundown of recent activities, including file additions and new events.

Types of Notifications

  1. Web/Desktop Push Notifications:

    • Triggered when a user has accepted browser notifications.

    • Requires push notifications to be enabled in Orgo profile settings.

  2. Mobile Push Notifications:

    • Available for users with Orgo mobile iOS/Android apps.

    • Activation requires logging in, accepting notifications prompt, and enabling push notifications in profile settings.

  3. Email Notifications:

    • Sent to users who have opted for email notifications in their Orgo profile.

Notification Settings

To personalize how you receive notifications, adjust your settings in the user profile. Here, you can toggle between Web/Desktop push notifications, Mobile push notifications, and Email notifications.

Actionable Notifications

Each notification is actionable. Clicking on a notification will direct you to the relevant file or event within Orgo, allowing for efficient workflow management.

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