Path: Profile -> Update Profile -> Permissions

The "Status" field in the Profile section is a critical feature for managing the engagement levels and accessibility of a community member within Orgo. This field allows administrators to set their current operational status within the organization. Here are the default options available:

  1. Active: Select this status to indicate that the member is currently active and fully engaged in the community. An active member has access to all their permitted features and functionalities within the platform.

  2. Inactive: This status should be chosen if the member is temporarily not participating in community activities or taking a break. Inactive members will be prompted to reactivate their accounts upon logging into the platform.

  3. Suspended: Use this status for members who have been temporarily barred from participating in the community due to disciplinary actions or other significant reasons. Suspended members cannot access the platform during the suspension period.

  4. Unapproved: This status is automatically assigned to users that crate an account and is kept until the account confirmation is complete. It can be modified in the Organisation Settings -> Modules -> Users -> Status After Register.

These statuses are the default ones and can be modified / altered by contacting Orgo support.

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