Event types

The Event Types section in Organisation Settings is a feature that allows administrators to define and manage custom event types. These custom event types help categorize events and provide clarity to participants regarding the nature of the event they are attending or interested in.

Creating Custom Event Types:

  1. Accessing Event Types:

    • Navigate to 'Organisation Settings'.

    • Select 'Event types' located under the 'Features' section.

  2. Adding a New Event Type:

    • Click '+Create Event type' to define a new category.

    • Enter a name for the event type that accurately reflects the nature of the event, such as 'Workshop', 'Webinar', 'Board Meeting', etc.

  3. Customization:

    • Customize the event type with specific attributes or descriptions if needed.

Utilizing Event Types:

  • Event Planning:

    • When creating an event, organizers can attribute one of these custom event types to their event.

    • This categorization aids members in identifying the type of event and its purpose.

  • Organization:

    • Events can be filtered and searched by these types, allowing members to quickly find events that match their interests or needs.

Editing and Deleting Event Types:

  • Modifications:

    • Administrators can edit existing event types to update their names or attributes.

    • If an event type is no longer needed or was created in error, it can be deleted. However, ensure that no upcoming or past events are associated with the event type before deletion.

Best Practices:

  • Create meaningful and distinct event types that are recognizable and relevant to your organization's activities.

  • Regularly review your list of event types to keep it up-to-date and aligned with the organization's evolving needs.

Note: Custom event types are integral to the event management process within Orgo, providing structure and clarity. Well-defined event types enhance the user experience by making it easier to navigate the events calendar and engage with relevant events.

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