The Profile Preview is a consolidated display of a member's profile, which showcases both publicly shared information and private data contingent on permission levels set by administrators.

Key Elements and Privacy Settings:

  • Personal Information Visibility: The profile preview will display personal details like the member's name, profile picture, town of residence, hometown, and age, based on the privacy preferences set by the user and the organization's policy.

  • Membership Overview: Essential membership information such as the member's join date, current status, and associated local center or groups are presented for context and clarity.

  • Verification and Private Data: Status indicators for identity validation and adhesion (if this feature is enabled) are included. Access to this sensitive information is strictly governed by permission levels defined in the Organizational Settings to ensure confidentiality and compliance.

  • Administrative Access and Controls: Functions for editing profiles, managing logs, and processing membership changes like resignations are available directly from the preview for those with the requisite permissions.

Administrators can configure which roles have access to private data within the Profile Preview, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view or act on sensitive information. This tailored approach to data visibility and permissions upholds privacy standards and aligns with best practices for data management within community-driven organizations.

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