The Files section is a centralized space for document management and storage. It allows members to upload, organize, and access a variety of files that are pertinent to the organization's activities and operations.

Uploading Files:

  1. Manual Upload:

    • Click 'Upload file' to select files from your device.

    • Navigate to the location of the file on your device, select it, and confirm the upload.

  2. Drag and Drop:

    • Simply drag files from your desktop or folder and drop them into the designated area on the screen to initiate the upload.

File Management:

  • Organization:

    • Create folders by clicking on 'Create folder' to maintain a structured file system.

    • Organize files into folders for easy navigation and retrieval.

  • File Visibility:

    • All files uploaded will be visible to members who have the necessary permissions to view the Files section.

    • Permissions can be managed by administrators to control access.

Editing and Updating Files:

  • File Actions:

    • Use the action buttons next to each file to download, edit, move, or delete as needed.

    • Ensure you have the right permissions to perform these actions.

Best Practices:

  • Use descriptive names for files and folders to make it easier for members to identify and locate documents.

  • Regularly review and update files to ensure all documents are current and relevant.

  • Remove outdated or unnecessary files to keep the storage area clean and efficient.

Note: The Files section is designed to be a robust and secure repository for the organization's documents, facilitating easy sharing and collaboration among members. It is essential for maintaining an effective digital workspace within the Orgo community.

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