Private groups

Private Groups on the Orgo platform allow members to create their own exclusive spaces for collaboration and discussion. These groups are ideal for project teams, interest-based discussions, or any group requiring privacy.

Creating a Private Group:

  1. Initiation:

    • Click on 'New Group' in the sidebar menu to start the creation process.

  2. Naming:

    • Provide a name for the group that clearly identifies its purpose or members.

  3. Privacy Settings:

    • Choose 'Private' to ensure that the group is not open for any community member to join without an invitation.

  4. Features Selection:

    • Toggle on the features you want to include in your group:

      • Issues: For tracking and managing group-specific concerns or tasks.

      • Events: To organize events exclusive to the group.

      • Discussions: For private communication and discussions within the group.

      • Files: To share and manage files privately within the group.

  5. Issues Functionalities:

    • Configure the 'Issues' section by enabling functionalities such as:

      • Priority: To assign urgency levels to tasks or topics.

      • Due Date: To set deadlines for issue resolution.

      • Type: To categorize issues for better organization and handling.

  6. Finalizing Group Creation:

    • After setting up the group's features and functionalities, click 'Save' to create the group.

Adding Members to a Private Group:

  • Once the private group is created, the group creator or designated administrators can invite other community members to join.

  • Invitations can be sent directly to users, and only those who are invited can view and participate in the group.

Best Practices:

  • Be clear and specific when naming your group to avoid confusion.

  • Only enable the features that are necessary for the group's purpose to keep the group environment focused and efficient.

  • Regularly manage the group's membership to ensure that all participants are active and relevant to the group's objectives.

Note: Private Groups are designed to provide members with a focused and exclusive environment for specific collaborations within the Orgo community. Proper management and usage of these groups can lead to effective and productive outcomes.

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