The E-Documents allows for the creation, customization, and management of essential organizational documents. This module facilitates the digital handling of contracts, membership cards, and more.


  • Create and Customize: Administrators can create and tailor documents to meet the needs of different roles within the organization.

  • Online Signing: Members can sign contracts digitally, streamlining the process and ensuring efficient record-keeping.

  • Account Linking: Signed documents are associated with individual member profiles for easy access and reference.

  • Download and Upload: Members can download documents for review and upload signed copies or necessary documentation.


  • Located in Organisation Settings -> E-Documents (under the Forms section).

  • Administrators can manage document templates, set permissions, and oversee the signing process.


  • Members access their documents through the e-Documents tab in their profile.

  • Permissions can be set to control who can view, sign, or upload documents.

Use Case

  • Ideal for new member onboarding, contract renewals, and updating membership information.

  • Reduces the need for paper-based processes, aligning with sustainability goals.


  1. Document Creation: Admin sets up document templates.

  2. Member Interaction: Members receive notifications to sign or upload documents.

  3. Document Management: Admins monitor the completion and storage of documents.

Customization Example

  • A volunteer contract can be set up with fields specific to volunteer information and terms.

  • Membership cards can be auto-generated with member details and branding elements.

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