Badges in the Orgo SaaS Platform serve as recognition and motivation for members' achievements and progress. They can represent qualifications, completed milestones, or special acknowledgments within the community.

Enabling Badges

  • Activate the Badges feature in Organisation Settings -> Modules.

Creating Badge Types

  1. Navigate to Organisation Settings -> Badge Types (found under the Feature section).

  2. Use the Create Badge Type button to define categories like "Progress" or "Merit".

  3. Set custom images and names for each badge type to reflect their significance.

Creating Badges

  1. After setting up types, go to Organisation Settings -> Badges to create individual badges.

  2. Assign unique images and names to each badge, corresponding to their types.

  3. Define the criteria or achievements that members need to meet to earn each badge.

Assigning Badges to Users

  1. To assign badges, visit the User -> Profile -> Badges section.

  2. Select the appropriate badge to add to a member's profile based on their accomplishments.

Use Cases

  • Recognize volunteers for their service hours or special contributions.

  • Acknowledge members who have completed training programs or certifications.

  • Motivate members by visually tracking their progress and achievements.

Management and Customization

  • Admins have full control over the creation, editing, and removal of badges and badge types.

  • Badges can be tailored to align with organizational goals, values, and branding.


  • Badges can be made visible on member profiles, encouraging a culture of recognition and community engagement.

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