Profile page

Path: Profile -> Update Profile -> Profile

The Profile Section in Orgo is a personalized area where users can manage their individual information and preferences, while administrators have the authority to customize the data requirements and visibility settings for the organization.

User Experience:

  • Personal Information: Users can input and edit their first and last names, town of residence, phone number, date of birth, gender, hometown, and any additional personal details.

  • Custom Fields: Users select their interests from a list of options and fill in any additional information in the custom fields provided, which can be tailored by administrators for organizational specificity.

Administrative Configuration:

  • Field Visibility: Administrators configure which fields are visible to the entire community and which are exclusive to admin-level visibility, balancing user privacy with organizational transparency.

  • Field Requirement: Administrators determine which fields are mandatory for users to complete, ensuring the collection of essential information for the community’s functioning.

  • Custom Fields: The creation and management of custom fields allow for the collection of unique data points necessary for the organization, with the same level of visibility and requirement control as standard fields.

  • Profile Completion Enforcement: Administrators can enforce profile completion to maintain a high standard of data integrity and user engagement within the community.

  • Ongoing Updates: Administrators are tasked with regularly reviewing and updating these settings to keep pace with evolving privacy laws and organizational needs.

The Profile Section and its administrative controls are fundamental in creating a secure, efficient, and compliant environment within the Orgo platform, ensuring data is handled appropriately according to the needs and policies of the organization.

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